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UNGA Meeting on Climate and SDGs.
April 3, 2019
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PM Khan launches ambitious social safety, poverty alleviation program.

PM Khan launches ambitious social safety, poverty alleviation program.

Speaking at a ceremony in Islamabad to launch the program, titled “Ehsas” (compassion), the Prime Minister said that the first change that would be made in the poverty reduction plan would be the amendment of the article 38 (D) of the Constitution, which included a clause. regarding food, shelter, clothing, education and improving the health of people.

But the provision in its current form is only a general policy recommendation, Khan said, stressing that the government should make an amendment to the constitution and make it a “fundamental right” so that the state can guarantee these five things to the people of Pakistan. .

Examine the state of Madina and the naya”  Pakistan.

“This is the first step, it is a difficult task,” said the Prime Minister, adding that the government was pushing for anyone to go to court and say that it is their fundamental right.

According to Khan, under this program, spending on the poorer sections of society would be increased by 80 billion rupees and more than 120 billion by 2020.

“So far, no government has spent so much money fighting poverty,” said the prime minister.

“Operation at a window”
He announced the creation of a new Ministry of Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation to coordinate the implementation of the program throughout Pakistan.

The movement aims to bring together all the organizations working to help the poor, Khan said, noting that until now, different groups functioned separately, without any coordination between their efforts.

The Prime Minister announced that during the first phase, a database would be created by December, allowing the government to know the income level of the inhabitants and the number of indigent citizens residing in each zone.

“Once this data is available, we will coordinate all the organizations from one place to another,” he said.

Khan added that everything would be computerized using information technology and that they would know which organization is helping the poor in which area.

“We will lead the campaign against poverty in the country from one place,” he said, adding that the inhabitants of a region would be served as part of a “one-stop operation “.

Prime Minister Khan revealed that the government is conducting a new survey – which should be completed by December – on the basis of which people would receive financial assistance. Until then, the money will be distributed on the basis of a previous survey.

‘Tahafuz’ program
Khan also announced that nearly 5.7 million women would have a savings account and a mobile phone to access their bank accounts.

“This will be the most transparent way to give them their money,” he said, adding that cash transfers to women would be increased from 5,000 to 5,500 rupees.

In addition, 500 digital hubs were created in Tehsils, where the prime minister said poor people could access their bank accounts, as well as look for a job.

“We will not just give them money, we will give them opportunities to improve their lives,” said Khan.

The Prime Minister then announced the program “Tahafuz” (protection), which would help people in difficulty by providing them with legal assistance.

Once the legislation on the program is complete, Khan said, call centers will be set up to provide legal assistance to people, as well as scholarships for children who wish to study.

In addition, anyone who does not yet have the Insaf Health Card will be able to call the Tahafuz Program Office and the money will be organized for them.

Widows without any source of income will also be included in the database and will be assisted by the program, said the Prime Minister.

On social security, Prime Minister Khan revealed that the government was spending no money on the shelters he had set up in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar, while people came forward and gave money.

“This is the first time such a program has come to Pakistan, and you will remember the day we launched this program, the day Pakistan becomes a big country,” he said with confidence.

The Prime Minister said street children would be helped through public-private partnerships, as well as transgender people who are often victims of abuse in society.

In addition, a “movement” for children forced to work under servitude would be.

Source: DAWN News