TNW supports SDGs 4 and celebrated International Literacy Day
The NGO World celebrated Literacy Day with focus on SDGs 4
September 8, 2018
Act now to save the Human Civilization
Act now to save the Human Civilization
October 16, 2018
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Session on SDGs with CUST Volunteers

Session on SDGs with CUST Volunteers

On Friday 14th September 2018, TNW Foundation held a session on SDGs with volunteers from CUST. Mr. Tahir Naeem from The NGO World conducted the session. Total 11 volunteers have participated in the session.

The aim of the session was to make the participants aware of the MDGs and their transition towards the SDGs (Global Goals).

Different informative videos on SDGs were shown to the participants.

Information regarding the SDGs targets and indicators were provided to the participants.

Participants were given the assignment to draft a thorough activity on SDGs that they could carry out in their communities.

Participants were handed over with an SDGs Action Plan and provided the guidance about how they can fill it.

Group Presentation on their planned activity was conducted and feedback was provided.