Children Killed By Unsafe Water. “UNICEF chief”
March 25, 2019
"Basic Human Rights" New UN Water Development Report
“Basic Human Rights” New UN Water Development Report
March 26, 2019
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“Time To End TB” Says UN On World Tuberculosis Day

"Time To End TB" Says UN On World Tuberculosis Day

Tuberculosis remains the deadliest infectious killer in the world, killing nearly 4,500 people a year and nearly 30,000 more, according to the World Health Organization.

Since 2000, global efforts to combat this preventable and curable disease have saved about 54 million lives and reduced tuberculosis mortality by 42%. “The theme for this year’s World TB Day is: it’s time to stop TB,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General, at the head of the global appeal against tuberculosis. tuberculosis. “Find, treat, all. #EndTB

In line with WHO’s global commitment to universal health coverage, World Tuberculosis Day, WHO invites governments, affected communities, civil society organizations, healthcare providers health care and national / international partners to work together under the slogan “Find, Treat, All, #EndTB” to make sure no one is left behind.

To accelerate the response to TB, Heads of State and Government met in September 2018 and made a strong commitment to end the disease at the first-ever United Nations high-level meeting.

“We stress the urgent need to translate the commitments made at the UN High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis in 2018 into action to ensure that all those who need TB care have access to it,” he said. he declared. says the head of WHO.

Last week, WHO issued new guidelines to improve the treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis and made recommendations, including intersectoral actions to monitor and evaluate progress; priority planning and implementation of TB interventions; and a working group to ensure meaningful engagement of civil society.

“This is a set of pragmatic actions that countries can use to accelerate progress and meet the high-level commitments made at the first-ever UN high-level meeting on TB last September,” said Dr. Tereza Kasaeva, Director of WHO’s Global Tuberculosis Program

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease transmitted by air, migrants are among the groups most at risk, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) of the United Nations.

IOM has pointed out that many of them are in dangerous and difficult jobs and live in substandard housing. Others may be held in overcrowded detention centers or live in refugee or internally displaced persons camps.

In addition, migrants face linguistic, administrative and cultural barriers to accessing health services and are often excluded from social protection and universal coverage programs.

As a result, people who pay for health services out of pocket can result in catastrophic health costs and poor quality of care.

Source: United Nations